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Once upon a time, I wanted to be the World's greatest programmer but now I'm a consultant, writer and entrepreneur. My specialities include business strategy, project management, software development, testing, Agile, Lean and startups.

My consulting business is called Hansei, which means reflection; we help companies learn and grow.

Success in business is driven by relentless adaptability. No strategy survives contact with the market unscathed and the only true failure is the failure to observe, to reflect and to adapt. Those who fail to learn from their mistakes will be doomed to repeat them.

Along the way, I've learned a lot about software development, testing and project management and I've written a Project Management Primer for aspiring IT professional, a Testing Primer for budding testers and a talk I gave at TestWest 2014 on Lean Testing.

You can read some of my distilled 'wisdom' on my blog.

Sample chapters from my four self-published novels are also available - Displaced, Insurrection, Gates of Hades and Point of View - while the books themselves are available from Amazon as eBook or in print. Also available as an iBook for iPads is my Sailing Primer - a simple guide for learning to sail.