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Displaced Cover Daedalus probe Displaced Cover

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Hari Singh, the pilot of the Argonaut, a Daedalus class STL probe awakes to find the ship is lost in space. He and his crew abandon ship and land on an alien planet where they must fight for survival.

They manage to attract the attention of an advanced starship and are rescued by the 'near-human' crew of the Uhorr. But their benefactors are not all they seem. In return for the salvage of the Argonaut, the captain of the Uhorr agrees to transport the characters to a civilised world.

As Hari and the others strip the stricken Argonaut, the Uhorr's crew turn on them and murder eveyone but Hari and Tatiana, the ship's medic. In the fight, Hari and Tatiana manage to seize control of the Uhorr and kill the crew. Now they are lost in a strange universe, with a faster than light spaceship at their disposal....

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Author's Note: Displaced is also the second full size novel I sat down to write. While I'm proud of "Gates of Hades" I think Displaced is leaps and bounds ahead of it in terms of plot line, character development and overall complexity. It has multiple plot lines that interweve, technical themes to keep the geekiest fan happy and well rounded characters in polished settings that I think resonate well with the story.... but let me know what you think!

There is a second volume of the story written but in dire need of some polishing. I haven't time to do that yet, but rest assured that if people like the first volume, I will do my utmost to get the second out as soon as I can. The third and climactic volume of the trilogy resides solely in my head at this point...