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Nick Jenkins : Gates of Hades

Gates of Hades

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Yossarian, Archon of the fabled city-state of Sardis, loses his love in death. Driven mad with grief he vows to descend to Hades and return her to the land of the living. Reluctantly accompanied by Sancho, his servant and companion, Yossarian seeks the aid of an Oracle and is joined on the journey by two young companions.

Meanwhile Yossarian's brother, Marcos, plots to overthrow him and seize the throne of Sardis for himself. As Yossarian ventures through the desert, searching for the oasis of the Virgin's Tears and the entrance to Hades, Marcos assassins catch up with him and Yossarian faces battles in both the world of the living and the world of the dead.

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Author's Note I wrote "Gates of Hades" over two summers in Prague.

I wanted to see if I had a novel in me and I picked a subject which would keep my interest and enthusiasm during the long and difficult process of writing. I had thought that it would be relatively easy, but you soon realise a novel of any considerable size is the equivalent of running a literary marathon.

As Stephen King says, if you can't churn out 2000 good words a day - then you can't make a living from writing.

Greek mythology was close to my heart growing up and probably started me on my journey in to fantasy and science fiction. Above and beyond the well trodden stories of 'Jason & the Golden Fleece' and the 'Labours of Hercules' are a wealth of stories and myths that are the archetypes of many a modern tale. It seemed logical to me to tap into that wealth of storytelling to create an epic fantasy novel.

In "Gates of Hades" I tried to blend themes from some of my favourite stories and produce a novel that was lively and entertaining. As it evolved, I grew to love the characters and they began to write the story for me. The hardest thing of all was to bring them to a stop and close out the novel - but if I hadn't, it could never be published and you would never be able to read it.

I hope you enjoy it.

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