the heart quickens and the pulse thunders
the air whistles and I go under
liquid lightning flashes dark
and bubbles boil around my heart
my fingers flutter and darkness lingers
the world comes back to me
light and bright and as sharp as night
I open my eyes to see
and breathe....

descent - Glasgow - September 99  
old love like a poison
brings anger, temper and bitter passion
like cancer it colours
the temper of would be friends
and burns empathy and amity
stifles conversation with
a blanket of what was and
what could have been and 
who did what to whom
but old love like a flower
brings new loves bloom
and like a cell dividing
partners split find partners new
and what was old, comes again
with life and love and time enough
hope springs eternal green 

bloom - september 99

Nothing spins the time away,
like the wounded heart of a wounded man,
but pity loves its own company
and misery walks with it hand in hand

so put on a fake and weary grin,
grow some backbone and learn to laugh again

for life is yours to earn and yours to keep
and while your heart seeks the sunlight
your dreams will let you sleep

a wounded man - Sydney - January 97