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Published Works

You can read some of my distilled 'wisdom' on my blog.

You can read previews of my published works on WattPad.
You can buy copies by clicking on the book covers below.

Displaced Cover Insurrection Cover Descent into Hades Cover POV Cover A Sailing Primer

Free to Use

Software Testing Primer Project Management Primer Making Software
Lean Software Testing Talk User Stories Test Strategy Template
Lean Operating Model Canvas Stages of a (Lean) Startup

Short stories, poems and musings...

Can't go back - Reflections on travel and life
Rhyme & Rhizome - Three of my less threatening poems
Hangover Club - A musing on post binge recovery
The Abridged James Bond - A guide to all the Bond movies for fans [XHTML]

I also have some travel writing on-line (complete with photo's).