When I'm not being an IT consultant, I've been known to do a little writing in my spare time. Below are four of my novels and a introductory book on sailing.

The novels are available on Amazon by clicking the covers and the Sailing Primer is available as an iBook via Apple.

Hari-Singh, the pilot of the Argonaut, a Daedalus class STL probe awakes to find the ship is lost in space. He and his crew abandon ship and land on an alien planet where they must fight for survival.

Displaced is the second full size novel I sat down to write. While I'm proud of "Gates of Hades" I think Displaced is leaps and bounds ahead of it in terms of plot, character development and overall complexity.

Volume 2 of the Displacement series – Hari and Tatiana recover on Earth but their convalescence is short-lived as they are sucked into a conspiracy to overthrow the Eradign. Civil war erupts across the stars and Hari and Tatiana are caught in the middle, in the conflict that tears the Unity apart.

A Wikipedia editor found himself drawn into conflict over a controversial article which leads to murder and espionage.

When he confronts the man he suspects to be the killer, his girlfriend is kidnapped, his closest friend is murdered and he faces a choice between abandoning his pursuit of truth or risking his own life.

Yossarian, Archon of the fabled city-state of Sardis, loses his love in death. Driven mad with grief he vows to descend to Hades and return her to the land of the living.

Meanwhile Yossarian's brother, Marcos, plots to seize the throne of Sardis for himself. As Yossarian ventures searches for the oasis of the Virgin's Tears and the entrance to Hades, he faces battles in both the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Sailing is fun, but a lot of people are put off sailing by the learning curve and strange terms.

What exactly is a cunningham and how do you make it fast? What is a barber hauler and what did the poor barber do to deserve hauling?

This guide will let you understand the basic skills of sailing, let you talk about sailing without feeling like an idiot and, most importantly, make you useful on a sailing boat.

This Primer is for everyone who is interested in quality in software development, and that should be everyone; because delivering poor quality software at speed is a certified recipe for failure.

I’ve tried to distil all I’ve learned from Lean and Devops, and Agile, into this version. The technical references in it will almost certainly be out of date before you read it, but that’s because the world is moving so fast; but the principles should remain the same.